Thursday, December 8, 2011

JBoss ON 3.0 Released and a Drift Demo

Red Hat has released the next version of JBoss Operations Network. This is version 3.0 and incorporates the new look and feel of the GWT user interface that RHQ introduced recently. The bundle UI has been enhanced a bit as well (it was the only GWT-based portion of the UI that was in JBoss ON 2.4.1).

A new feature introduced in this JBoss ON 3.0 release is drift monitoring. If you have been following the progress of the RHQ upstream project, you'll know that this drift monitoring feature provides administrators with the ability to keep on the look out for unintended changes (either accidental or malicious) to your installed software and other file content.

I posted a demo showing the basics of the new drift feature:
I plan on posting some more demos on drift in the near future.

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