Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Provisioning Content via RHQ

Work has been steadily progressing in RHQ to introduce a new "provisioning" feature. Our beta will soon be released, and as part of our getting ready of that release, I put together a quick flash demo that illustrates our current state of this provisioning feature.

There is still much more work to get done - the new GWT GUI is continually improving and we need more provisioning support for things like starting, stopping and installing services being provisioning, orchestration between machines in a cluster (to support provisioning software within a cluster) and other things. But what we have is a good base framework to build upon - watch the demo if you want to see what we have now.

For more information, we have documentation on our wiki:


  1. Hello Mazz!

    Congrats for this great job!
    Man, this functionality is very important for the RHQ!

    This func. is intended to be used for app. deployment too?


  2. Yes, this functionality is intended for application deployment. The idea is that you bundle up (we use the word "bundle" a lot :) application code, app server code, third party libraries, configuration files, etc. and you push that bundle out to your remote agent machines and they get provisioned based on the "rules" in your "recipe" (which today we recommend using the "Ant" style recipe - allowing you to run your own ant tasks before and after RHQ provisioned your app).

  3. Great demo Mazz.

    Very clean and straightforward.