Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Source Repository for RHQ

Recently some changes have been made to the infrastructure used by the RHQ and Jopr projects.

We have consolidated the work into a single project.

We have also changed from the use of JIRA to Bugzilla. All JIRA issues have been ported over to the RHQ Bugzilla project.

You may see changes to my previous blog entries - I'll go through them all to edit the links so they point to the new places, as opposed to the old, outdated SVN and JIRA locations.


  1. I'd be interested to know, particularly after a few days or weeks, how you guys find the difference between the systems for your day-to-day development work, issue-tracking, and feature development. Obviously Bugzilla isn't a Project Management system, so it won't have those features, but the other aspects I'd really like to know what you feel is better and what you feel is worse.

    -Max (mkanat at bugzilla dot org)

  2. My current complaint with Bugzilla vs. JIRA is admittedly a very subjective one. JIRA, to me, seems to have a much more cleaner and easier-to-use interface.

    Bugzilla's UI is very bland, noisy and seems (I cannot think of a good word for it) haphazard (?).

    It's possible that I'm biased because I've used JIRA for so long, so I'm used to its UI and how it works, I know how I can customize it and where I can find everything. But, that's just my honest first impression.