Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hawkular OpenShift Agent is Born

A new Hawkular agent has been published on - Hawkular OpenShift Agent.

It is implemented in Go and the main use case for which it was created is to be able to collect metrics from OpenShift pods. The idea is you run Hawkular OpenShift Agent (HOSA) on an OpenShift node and HOSA will listen for pods to come up and down on the node. As pods come online, the pods will tell the agent what (if any) metrics should be collected. As pods go down, the agent will stop collecting metrics from all endpoints running on that pod.

Today, only Prometheus endpoints (using either the binary or text protocol) can be scraped with Jolokia endpoints next on the list to be implemented. So HOSA will be able to support collecting metrics from either type of endpoint in the near future.

For more information - how to build and configure it - refer to the Hawkular OpenShift Agent README.

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