Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fedorahosted GIT links have changed (again)

Well, fedorahosted did it again.

All of my links to RHQ source code in all of my blog entries (and everywhere else I used them - bugzilla entries, wiki pages, etc) will be invalid now, because fedorahosted once again changed their git URLs and AFAICS the old URLs no longer work and do not redirect to the new URLs.

This is at least the second time that I know of that they did this - it may have happened more. Previously, I went through all of my blog entries and updated my source links, but I am not going to do it this time. It is too time consuming and I am not convinced this won't happen again.

So, if you click a link to source code in my blogs and get an error message saying the link is invalid, you know why. :-/

(Heiko is right, we need to move to github :-)