Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Byteman Plugin for RHQ

I read Andrew Dinn's post on Byteman 1.1.1 and was very intrigued. His post and the Byteman documentation was very quick and easy to read and I found out how easy it is to use Byteman. Just one (albeit long) command line option to your Java VM and you can easily inject code into existing Java classes using Byteman's byte-code instrumentation. I plan to use Byteman to do things like "fault-injection" testing - inject code that purposefully causes errors in my application to see how my application handles the errors (this is especially useful for forcing XA/2PC transaction errors to see how the application and transaction manager handles it).

I ended up doing some quick but useful enhancements to Byteman (thanks, Andrew, for the commit access :-) that allows any Java application to perform remote byte-code injection in a JVM where Byteman is running. There is now a Java API to the Byteman "submit" client (the new-and-improved Submit class).

I then took a few hours to write up a quick Byteman RHQ plugin prototype. I recorded a Flash demo to show how it works. Still a lot more that can be done with some additional enhancements to this plugin, but hopefully this gets across how easy it is to write RHQ plugins to manage anything. This plugin will allow you to view deployed rule definitions files and their rules and allow you to remove rules. With some enhancements, it could allow you to upload and deploy additional rules as well.

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