Friday, June 5, 2009

Jopr Is Now Easier To Install and Demo

Well, Joe did it again. I don't know how he does these things so fast but here you go:

With this new H2 embedded database support, you can now install Jopr much easier now. You no longer have to install your own PostgreSQL or Oracle database separately. You now have the option to use the "embedded mode" which tells Jopr to use the embedded H2 database and the embedded agent.

This means to install and try out Jopr involves these simple steps (oh, and these are cross-platform instructions - it works the same on Windows as it does on UNIX or Linux):

  1. Unzip the Jopr distribution
  2. Run the Jopr server startup script (rhq-server.[sh, bat] start)
  3. Point your browser to http://localhost:7080
  4. Click the "Embedded Mode" button
  5. Click the "Install!" button
That's it! Jopr will finish the installation for you, creating your H2 database and starting up both the server and embedded agent. The agent will automatically begin discovering and monitoring resources it finds on your box. The browser will provide you with a link to get started in the Jopr UI.

Use this quick and easy method to try out Jopr. You can try it out and demo it on anything from a laptop to a mainframe - so long as you have a Java virtual machine available.

(To Joe - thanks, job well done! Joe did the heavy lifting, I just enhanced the installer to be able to install Jopr using the embedded database.)

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